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A high-quality private RAMEX cheat for the PUBG game was created by an experienced developer. Its programs are market leaders and hundreds of users around the world buy and renew activation keys every day. The software is stable, you will receive timely regular updates. If the update of the RAMEX cheat is delayed, the developer compensates for the time. Quickly responds to user requests, if necessary, makes changes to the product. If our technical support cannot solve the problems that arise, he personally connects to the buyer via remote access and helps with the launch of the program.

The cheat included all the necessary functions that will help defeat enemies. For example, a detailed WallHack (the ability to look through walls) will display any, even the most secretive enemy. Moreover, the esp and its color are easily configured and adjusted to the user's requests. Accurate AimBot, which will allow you to catch up with even fast and elusive opponents. The function will make it possible to automatically aim the sight of the weapon at the selected part of the enemy's body. All you have to do is shoot. It is convenient that you can change the speed of the aimbot. A nice bonus is the presence of Speedhack. You will move quickly and, if necessary, be the first to enter the zone. Private cheat Ramex has a low chance of blocking, is regularly updated and improved by the developer. It is the leader among other cheats in the royal battle and deserves your attention. Low price, software is available to every user.


System requirements:

Supported OS: Windows 10 and 11, all versions;

Game client: Steam, EpicGame, Kakao - not tested;

Supported processors: All.

Game mode: Windowed or in a window without a frame, full-screen is supported on some video cards.

Menu language: Russian and English;

HWID Spoofer has been temporarily removed from the program.

Buy private RAMEX cheat for PUBG game

Take advantage of online payment on our resource. An activation key will be sent to the mail, detailed instructions with the launch and installation, you can also download ramex pubg there. We have worked out in detail the instructions that will help you install the program on your computer. Any, even the most unprepared user, will cope with the process of turning on the cheat. In turn, if you have any questions, we will be happy to answer them.

List of RAMEX cheat functions for PUBG

The appearance of Ramex private cheat in the game PUBG

ESP Players

Our cheat for pubg includes the following ESP features:


  • [Boxes] - circles the player in a square (2D / 2D filled);
  • [Names] - show names of enemies;
  • [Bots] - shows bots separately;
  • [Teams] - shows team number (colored circles / text);
  • [Health] - number of lives of enemies (bar / text);
  • [Skeletons] - enemy skeleton (highlighted in green if you see the enemy, red if not);
  • [Survival Level] - the level of the survivor;
  • [Weapon] - the enemy's weapon (text / icon);
  • [Distance] - the distance to the enemy;
  • [Kills] - the number of kills that the enemy has committed in the current match;
  • [Damage] - the amount of damage dealt by the enemy in the current match;
  • [Spectators] - the number of observers for the current player;
  • [Enemy focus me] - shows the notification of who took you in the sight;
  • [FightMode] - turns off all kinds of ESP except players;
  • [FullInfo] - when pressed, shows additional ESP of enemies and items;
  • [Advanced Settings] - controls the range of ESP display.



This function will lead to victory at any level of the game.


  • [Aim] - activate the function of the aimbot;
  • [FOV] - the size of the pointing circle (you can change the color and turn off the circle display);
  • [Over Walls] - pointing at enemies if they are behind a wall or obstacle;
  • [Aim speed] - the speed of pointing at the target (X - horizontal Y - vertical);
  • [Aim delay] - enables the delay between shots (for more legitimate display);
  • [Button] - selects the button for pointing;
  • [Button knocked] - selects the button for knocked;
  • [Target] - choice of aim (Head, Body, Legs).

ESP Items

Cheat for Pubg allows you to display loot in categories that you select from the menu. After you have found the necessary loot, you can turn off unnecessary functions in the menu of the cheat.


  • [On] - shows items;
  • [Advanced settings] - detailed configuration of things (broken down into categories of things ammo/attach/armor/back/ghillie/AR/SR...);

* displaying each item separately

* color of item

* size of the thing

* transparency of a thing

* name of a thing


  • [Pictures] - display items as pictures;
  • [Show distance] - shows the distance to the object;
  • [Distance] - shows the distance to the object.



Don't forget that you can get a report from the player for very frank play.

Try to play naturally and don't be cheeky.


  • [Spectators] - shows the number of observers behind you;
  • [Crates] - shows all kinds of crates;
  • [Vehicle] - shows vehicles (amount of fuel and amount of strength);
  • [Radar] - shows the direction of the enemy shot;
  • [Objects] - shows the fired shells / grenades of the enemies.



Detailed configuration of various functions of the reader.


  • [Antiscreenshot] - cheat is not displayed when grabbing pictures;
  • [Outlined Text] - enables/disables text stroke;
  • [Show FPS] - shows FPS of the cheat;
  • [Hotkeys] - enable/disable hotkeys to quickly disable cheat functions (crates/vehicles/things);
  • [Limit FPS] - adjusts FPS of the reader and reduces the load on your PC;
  • [Rainbow text] - detailed configuration of multicolored text;
  • [Notifications] - setup notifications;
  • [Language] - interface language of the reader (English / Russian).

Site guarantees

  1. Ramex PUBG has been running for over three years and is regularly updated and supported.
  2. In the case of long-term improvements, the developer compensates for the time spent.
  3. We sell official keys that are generated by the developer.
  4. Over 1000 positive reviews from real buyers.
  5. Hundreds of users are in our telegram and discord chats, join and chat with them personally (Actual links at the top of the site).
  6. We provide free technical support and, in case of difficulties, we help in solving them.
  7. We'll refund your money if it doesn't work! If the software does not start, we will look for solutions and fix problems. But in cases where your system requirements do not initially match, no refund / replacement is made.
  8. Easy to pay, the site has more than 30 different convenient payment methods that are connected to a reliable verified system

Doesn't work?

In any game with any cheat, it is possible to get an account blocked. Play as carefully as possible.

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