Working private cheat Ram Lite for the game PUBG

A light version of the popular Ramex private cheat. Designed to improve the security of your accounts. Uses an alternative, safer way to bypass anti-cheat, compared to the full version. Lite does not have a menu. Settings are made with hotkeys. Some features are enabled by default and cannot be disabled. The parameters of the aim bot and wallhack are set within a radius with a minimal chance of blocking. There are no magical options. There is everything you need for a comfortable game and dominance over your opponent. See the location of the enemy, his team, the remaining health and the distance to him. You will be able to accurately aim the mouse at a given part of the body. Also, you will know how many people are watching your gameplay. As many of you know, the game can take screenshots of the gameplay and send it to the server for further processing of information. The software provides the ability to bypass - anti-screenshot. The minimum functionality allows the developer to work out the work of the program in detail, promptly make adjustments and corrections.

Cheats developer Ram has years of experience in creating PUBG battle royale software. Thousands of users around the world buy activation keys every month and renew them. Hundreds of positive reviews and loyal customers who trust their device and account to Ram cheats. Practically does not squander FPS and does not affect the lags in the game.

Simple and clear start. In case of difficulties, we promptly help to understand the problem and launch the software. We will answer all your questions and give recommendations on how to install the cheat.

Program system requirements

Supported OS: Windows 10 and 11, all versions;

Game client: Steam, EpicGame, Kakao - not tested;

Supported processors: All.

Game Mode: Windowed or Borderless Window, some graphics cards support fullscreen.

Menu language: No menu.

Buy private cheat RAM Lite for PUBG game

Take advantage of online payment on our website. Decide for how long you want to purchase the program, click on the payment button below. Choose a payment method convenient for you. After sending the money, you will receive a letter with instructions and a key to your mail. There you can also find additional contact with us, where you can ask your questions. If you can not pay, write to us in the online chat on the site, or using the contact information at the top of the site.

Program functionality

ESP Players

Our pubg cheat includes the following ESP features:

[Teams] - shows the team number (colored circles);

[Health] - number of lives of enemies (text);

[Skeleton] - enemy skeleton (highlights green if you see the enemy, red if you don't see);

[Distance] - distance to the enemy;



This feature will lead to victory at any level of the game.

[Hover] - SHIFT activation button.



Do not forget that for a very frank game you can get a report from the player.

Try to play naturally and don't get arrogant.

[Observers] - shows the number of observers for you;



Detailed settings for various cheat functions.

[Anti-screenshot] - the cheat is not displayed when capturing a picture;

[Show FPS] - shows the FPS of the cheat;

Doesn't work?

In any game with any cheat, it is possible to get an account blocked. Play as carefully as possible.

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